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Eyelash Services in Vancouver

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Hana Lash proudly uses a top-quality line of Korean lash extensions uniquely sourced for our boutique. Uniquely designed to softly apply to your lash lines but strong enough to withstand daily wear, our eyelashes ensure they feel comfortable like your very own lashes. Carefully applied to allow 0.5mm between eyelashes and skin, our extensions look incredible and feel amazing when worn.

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Hana Lash Vancouver

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Classic Lashes

We use a method where we apply 1 lash extension to 1 natural lash. Also known as 1 to 10, it’s a great way to add lashes to your already fully eyelash set or to add length.

Volume Lashes

This is a new and improved method for apply multiple extensions to a single lash to add dimension and texture. The result is a fuller look that requires more skill. Our technicians will also create custom fans for multiple lashes put on each hair.

Lash Lift

This low-maintenance process lifts and curls your lashes for the long-term. Save time on your morning routine with this treatment option for your eyelashes.

Bottom Lash

Make your eyes appear bigger and your face appear slimmer, with our bottom lash extension services. Balance out your voluminous top lashes and add length, with our bottom lash service.

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Top of The Line Material

The quality of our lashes is critical to helping you get the look you want. Our top-of-the-line materials are exclusively curated for Hana Lash's clientele.


Our Matte is an A-Class lightweight silk fiber that is directly sourced and imported exclusively for Hana Lash from Korea. Just as soft, lightweight, and natural as your lashes, our Matte lashes create a subtle gorgeous and classic look that makes an excellent choice for any extension.

High Gloss

Experience a High Gloss silk fiber extension that creates a long-lasting and naturally beautiful look, with this lash. Behaving precisely like your natural lashes with the added bonus of a beautiful and durable curl, you’ll love the way they look. Get the gorgeous, every-day glamour you crave from our high quality and exclusively sourced High Gloss lashes.


Our Dandelion extensions represent the latest innovation in the lash extension industry. Consisting of ultra-lightweight and ultra-soft lash materials, they look incredible and last one and half times longer than average extensions. Our flat lashes have a unique hollow design that allows your lash artists to work with a larger contact area creating a lighter, more durable lash.


Our Camellia lashes are designed to create a softer, more romantic lash that is feathered to accentuate your natural facial structures. We achieve this look by using three unique lash lengths. The result is an opulent effect that adds more volume to your lashes than traditional extensions.


For the ultimate luxury volume set, choose our Dahlia extensions. Our artists give you a double-layered lash application that is both eye-catching and comfortable to wear. Combining B and C type curl extensions, our artists layer each one together to develop a gorgeous feathered, fanned shape you will love.

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Our Approach

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Hana Lash Vancouver

Your unique and natural beauty is the foundation on which our artists build. We believe in creating lashes that match you, not the other way around. By carefully curating the ideal type of lashes for your appearance, we help your lashes look incredible while maintaining durability.

Our experience sets us apart. With experience in using different types of lashes, we make sure you leave our boutique with naturally enhanced beauty. Trust us for the best lash service. Give us a call today!

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